What is Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling is a talking therapy which can help you to understand how your current feelings and behaviors are shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind and impulses.

The relationship with your therapist is key to this therapeutic approach. Having an accepting and trusting relationship with them encourages you to talk freely and openly about topics like your childhood and close relationships.

This can help you to understand what you’re feeling now, why you behave in a certain way and how this affects your interactions with those around you.

Psychodynamic therapy – also known as the psychodynamic approach or psychodynamic psychotherapy – is derived from psychoanalysis and the theories of Freud, Winnicott and Klein amongst many others.

BACP suggests “It’s all about getting to the root of the problem to create long-lasting change".

“There may be things in your unconscious that you’re not aware of which cause you emotional pain and can leave you feeling stuck with no answers to help ease the pain or frustration. As a psychodynamic therapist I can help you look for these patterns and understand them. Working together to find that knot so you can start unravelling all the strands and move on with your life.”