Help to find YOUR way


Hello, and welcome to A2B Counselling. I am a Psychodynamic Counsellor and Coach working with individuals, and small teams, both in-person and online (via Zoom or Teams).

There can be times in anyone’s life when they can just feel stuck or have a sense that they have lost their way in the world, and just can’t find their true pathway. Searching for a helping hand whilst being unsure exactly what it is that they need. Leaving questions unanswered, and emotional pain that just does not go away. Does this sound familiar?

I can work with you to help you find a way that suits you. Exploring what makes up your unique human spirit, working together through the conscious and unconscious processes that have made and make you who you are.

Knowing ourselves is powerful, it gives us an insight into why we tend to respond and behave in unhelpful, unhealthy ways in specific circumstances. It is also a solid step towards understanding more and reacting better to other people and situations with a clear mind. 

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Telephone: 07951 977457