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I believe that the relationship you build with your therapist is far more important than the modality of counselling used. Will you feel safe enough to delve deep into what is holding you back or keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns of behavior?

I value building trusting, safe, confidential client relationships which will provide us with valuable insight into unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior. Instinctive reactions instilled in childhood, which may prove problematic today, that once understood, can be gently challenged together.

I practice in-depth psychodynamic counselling which can uncover changes that you may wish to make. With understanding and emotional coaching, I can go on to help you to make those positive changes, working towards a more balanced, healthy and satisfying life.

I trained in psychodynamic counselling, and have experience working with depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, bereavement, family and relationship difficulties, alcohol problems, anger, self-esteem and confidence issues. I have a particular passion for, and interest in, abandonment issues caused through early separation and loss, for example early grief or boarding school syndrome.

I also work with businesses to support staff wellbeing and am experienced in working with senior management teams and individuals on workplace stress, time & change management and personal development.

Or contact me direct

email: info@a2b-counselling.co.uk

telephone: 07951 977457

What happens when you make contact?

Following initial contact via email or phone, I offer a no charge 20- minute phone conversation where you can tell me what is bringing you to therapy. If we are both in agreement, I would then offer you a 50-minute assessment session. This can be online or face-to-face and is chargeable at £50. We will have a more in-depth conversation about your therapeutic needs and history. If we feel that we would work well together, I offer open-ended work with regular reviews. If we agree to work together, there will be a counselling agreement for you to sign which will offer you all the terms of our work, e.g. how and when to make a payment, what we do about holidays and missed sessions, etc.